Please read rules before posting. Modeling and uploading great photos is the number one trick in attracting more customers to your shop. However, it would be good if anyone can provide feedback to Depop so we can update this to add more policies in. Why not take a look now and build a quick, tailored quote? Depop ranks 405th among Marketplace sites. Just go to your profile, click Share Shop and select 4 photos that best represent your Depop shop. This is also a great trick to keep any comments or queries about your items on top for potential buyers to see. Add your Depop details to your social bios for increased visibility. So one-upping your competition in the detail of your transactions is a shrewd business move. Most of its userbase are Generation Z, with 90 per cent of its users aged under 25, while a third of 18-25 year olds in the UK registered on the platform, according to Vogue Business. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. I reached out to depop, and they told me shop policy posts are okay. But keep in mind to avoid cluttering it with unrelated hashtags or spam hashtags. Does the seller state that they dont offer returns? Check out our post comparing Depop vs. Poshmark. Depop is a peer to peer app, that means that the shop owner sets the rules for returns/exchanges. Establish your aesthetic. You can see a Depop user shop policies quickly by looking at the header portion of a user's page. A good title and product description will help sell your fashion items, so make sure you include key features and details here. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. You can set your Depop Shop Policies in settings And even though I didnt end up with an actual linen dress, the final product looked exactly like what I wanted. If you notice that you are getting more likes than actual sales, maybe your buyers simply need a little push. Fortunately my shop policies post hasnt been taken down (Ive been having it for a year and a half) but I find it super helpful to have one. .css-1ohoydv{color:#262626;-webkit-text-decoration:underline;text-decoration:underline;cursor:pointer;color:#007478;-webkit-text-decoration:underline;text-decoration:underline;}.css-1ohoydv:hover{color:#007478;-webkit-text-decoration:underline;text-decoration:underline;}Read our full disclaimer. Needless to say, I am a huge fan of this secondhand platform. Depop has more than just thrift store finds, though. 1. Or copy and paste them to the end of your listings. The items you can find on Depop are almost always amazing, and the community aspect of it is so cool. - All rights reserved. W for me today after 10 incompetent depop support representatives finally got someone to review my account suspension. This can help you build followers of your own. Aaaand after one quick search of linen dress, I fell short. Little plug by the way, I bought it from the kindest sellers Annie and Logan (@7gemini), who are proud to run a genderless, LGBTQI-owned vintage shop. All quotes and testimonials included below were provided in response to that request. I have my shop policies post up and I feel you could try to contact depop about it? no scammer, etc) having good shop policies can go a long way. This was like 2-3 weeks ago. Heres how to make the most of this platform, courtesy of some of the apps top sellers. Depop should know. So read more and discover how you canbe the best seller you can be. Depop also sells convenient shipping labels in-app. Every selling journey and shop on Depop is unique in its own way. At least this way your buyers will see them for sure. So you have to be thorough in explaining your return policy. This will make Debob refresh your listings repeatedly with a reasonable waiting time. Writing clear, accurate descriptions for your items is really important to help you successfully sell on Depop. Its a bummer that they only allow 4 pictures because I dont want to use one just for my policies. With over 26m users in more than 150 countries, Depop. Or just make the most of your resell income? I'm talking lighting, backdrops, modelled shots, flat lays. You can sell your items through our Service by publishing pictures of the item you want to sell ("Sale Item"). Our Service allows you to buy and sell items in an easy and fun way. Get notified about new Influencer jobs in Brookings, SD. The way you find accounts that you want to follow is by searching not only for items you want, but items you already have and love. They don't need your life story, they just want to make sales and get good reviews. Whether youre a thrift curator, upcycler, or craft-maker, youll want to keep a few fundamentals in mind when you set up your Depop shop. Youll get paid directly into your bank account around one to two days after you make a sale. Even if Depop is more of a side business for you, youll still have tax responsibilities if your income is more than 1,000 in any tax year. For large packages, the shipping fee is 12 dollars. Depop, like other online communities, has its own language. Also, I recently added it to my bio to please refer to my shop policies so I dont have to update my listings individually with this information. To be honest, most people are only considered about a few things: However additonally my Depop policies include: <>. You can find out more information about our Service and its features here. Transparency is key to helping you earn a good rating. A sub for discussing all things Depop. With that in mind, weve put together this step-by-step guide containing everything you need to know to start a successful Depop shop and get to the top. Please search the subreddit before posting to see if the topic has already been discussed. Please refresh the page or navigate to another page on the site to be automatically logged in, Please refresh your browser to be logged in, 10 of the best vintage shops in the UK, from London to Margate, Depop Dos and Don'ts: An etiquette guide to social shopping, Get an extra 10% off fashion on the app - boohoo discount code, Extra 20% off selected fashion and sportswear at Very, Save 10% or more on designer handbags at TK Maxx, Compare broadband packages side by side to find the best deal for you, Compare cheap broadband deals from providers with fastest speed in your area, All you need to know about fibre broadband, Best Apple iPhone Deals in the UK February 2023, Compare iPhone contract deals and get the best offer this February, Compare the best mobile phone deals from the top networks and brands. Itll be right below what Depop gives you for domestic items. Depop sellers can earn a pretty penny selling limited edition designer goods, hand-crafted accessories, or even just cleaning out their closets. Disclose any flaws or damages to your buyers to avoid unwanted returned items. I then decided that I at least had to try and started listing! Posting regularly often helps create a demand for the items in your shop. Please search the subreddit before posting to see if the topic has already been discussed. I contacted Depop through Twitter, and I got a quick reply telling me its because they dont allow posts that arent selling anything! Provide good service. Ill list a few of mine below to give an idea, No trades, only looking to sell Currently only shipping within the US Happy to consider reasonable offers No holds longer than 24 hours. And while my morals will always come first from here on out with what I put on my body, its nice to wear nice things. Preloved. Please search the subreddit before posting to see if the topic has already been discussed. 1 / 5. Once youve got your shop set up, its time to spread the word. Once a user has placed an order for one of your items and youve taken it to the post office, its not the time to sit back and wait for the money to roll in. And for any seller, time is money, so dont forget to include that in your accounting. REMINDER: ALL DEPOP USERNAMES MUST BE HIDDEN. Otherwise, you can also highlight on your bio, or active listing that your shop is not accepting negotiations and that the prices posted are fixed already. I work for myself, and thats what I always wanted, says Jevsevar. Here are some of the basic questions you should break down in your shop policy: Most of the items sold in Depop are Final Sale, meaning that customers cannot return or exchange the items once they purchase them from your shop even if they change their mind. You can also provide free shipping for bundle purchases to attract them to add more to their shopping cart. Make sure to describe and include images of any faults. Just go to or download the Depop app on your mobile device and click "Sign Up". Do you include them on each post? ago. The fee is deducted from your PayPal or Depop Payments account 21 days after the sale. Or maybe you can ask family and friends to help declutter their wardrobes. You may send them a direct message offering a discount on bundles or combined purchases. Are you going to be shipping internationally? Sellers are generally quite responsive (depending on how committed they are to running their shop) and friendly. If you already have a clothing business then you might be wondering how you can reach more customers by selling on Depop. Use social media. You might start by clearing out your own closet and listing any unwanted clothes or accessories. If you plan on selling something expensive, be sure to upload proof of postage and other photos for authenticity. Certain things tend to do [better] than others at certain times.. One of the biggest challenges for me when I went slow fashion was finding ways to look cute while doing less harm. Ill have to send a more direct email today and see if I can put that back up. The best way to make offers on Depop is always to be fair and reasonable. You really, really just have to know where and how to look in order to find what it is that you desire. If this has been a recurring event, this may affect your overall reputation as a seller. Its also a great idea to add an out of office to your bio so users know youll be uncontactable or slower to reply and ship items. You'll be able to see what they're buying, selling, and liking and inspire yourself in the . Streetwear. Are you open to trades/swaps/reservations. Latest figures from Depop say theres 26 million registered users in 150 countries, with 90 per cent under the age of 26. Avoid transacting outside the Depop in order to protect you from fraud and scams. As much as possible, always make it a win-win situation. Your buyers will certainly give their purchases a sniff upon receipt, so ensuring they look and smell their best is essential for great reviews. I have a whole jewelry room now and its been amazing, says Calloway. It can be as easy as scheduling listings in advance or making an effort to take photos when new things come in the mail. If you think the price is too low for the actual item, you can always opt not to sell the item. Depop makes money by charging a so-called Depop fee to sellers. Some even hire professionals just to get great pictures because that is the power great photos uphold. FAQs will be removed. Name your shop Your Depop shop name is probably going to be your brand name so you can build a brand identity. I wish Id known this more when I started out. I am not saying that I would say this exact verbiage anyway but some users appear to use it solidify their stance for people who may for example try to return an item that was final sell and try to act like they didnt know that. Do you include them on each post? For items that arent selling, you can re-shoot it or let your buyers make negotiations and only deal with the price you are comfortable with. The sites popularity surged during lockdown, with a 40 per cent increase in marketplace listings and 65 per cent upshot in sales recorded for March compared with the same period in 2019. Also, see if a user has updated their shop policies via the Depop app. Step 1: Open the Depop app and tap on the 'Profile icon' located at the bottom right of your mobile screen. If youre selling handmade items, how much did you spend on materials? When asking to negotiate on price avoid going too low-ball, as you may just insult the seller - especially if theyre a maker. She shares her top four tips for being a Depop success: Sell what you love. Pay attention to trends. Skinny jeans were popular like two years ago and now everyone wants baggy pants, Jevsevar said. Cross-referencing the prices of an item with similar listings is a good way to check if the item is fairly priced. If someone posted a pearl necklace, Id go see who liked it, she said. As such, in short dont overstress about the shop policies make them clear, concise, and to the point and BE TRANSPARENT! First of all, Im jealous. Alternatively, seller TrollFunk says a good rule of thumb is [don't] ask a seller to go lower than 30 per cent of what the price already is, especially if postage is included. Sadhbha Medlar (Sab) is the founder and owner of an independent brand called sourcedbysab that specialises in premium vintage and sustainable streetwear located at Grand Central Canal Road, Letterkenny and online via the [] Retail Stock Take Team Leader Salary: 24,100 to 25,500 plus 290 per month car allowance Location: Newport As a Retail Team Leader you will take accountability for managing teams of stock counters, delivering the end to end stock taking service while on our client's sites. Alex aka @cultclassique is a South London-based Top Seller who joined Depop in 2016. The prices are also. But thesecret of how to be a successful Depop seller lies in setting your shop up well, communicating with your customers openly and building your own personal brand. This is different than an app like Poshmark, wherein the company-Poshmark-sets the terms that it is a "final sale" platform. Any post that does not adhere to them is subject to removal. Please refresh the page or navigate to another page on the site to be automatically logged inPlease refresh your browser to be logged in, How to bring your best shopping game to the fashion app this Second Hand September, Find your bookmarks in your Independent Premium section, under my profile. Selling successfully means making money, great profits, happy customers and more personal growth for you and your Depop brand. No one likes waiting around, and in the fast moving world of social shopping, your buyers are likely to go elsewhere if ignored. Using all four slots increases the chance of making a sale by 20%, according to Depops seller handbook. Use Easyship Free Every Month It must've been cuz I mentioned the BBB.. Communicating openly with your customers and being friendly and helpful while you do it will keep customers coming back to your Depop shop and get you on the path to continued success. However, there are some shop owners who . There is nothing wrong with looking around at other people policies to find verbiage that resonates with you. That they do not take offers, or wont sell bundles? Since Depop is being stricter about removing posts that aren't selling anything (good to see more ISOs gone, but I was sad to see my shop policies post and shop dividers deleted), where do you post your shop policies? Like Poshmark, it's also a social platform. Just make sure you track your time and money along the way. Add your Depop details to your social bios for increased visibility. to actually see if you can just keep that one up. Use hashtags in your items description to increase its visibility on Depop. Depop gives users four photo slots for each item. Scrolling through while eating a bowl of cerealnever knowing what cute treasure youre gonna stumble across in your travelswell, its like thrifting but online. Since I started selling in 2018, the Depop app has changed and now there is a specific location for a sellers shop policies of which we will discuss next. Uploading these certifications can boost your potential customers confidence in buying from your shop and trusting that the items are authentic. Consider that the person has running and material costs as well as shipping to account for. Sign in to create job . Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Etsy CEO on how $1.6 billion deal for Depop could help the company grow E-commerce firm Etsy announced Wednesday that it is buying the secondhand fashion app Depop for $1.62 billion. While it might be tempting to tag an item with the name of the insanely popular collaboration everyone is searching for in order to improve traffic to your shop, its also a sure-fire way to irritate people.Tagging your item with the brand its a dupe of without mentioning that in the caption could also mislead buyers. This way, buyers wont be distracted by what is behind your item. They sometimes run special offers for sellers, so keep an eye out for Depop no fees deals by following Depop on Twitter. It lets you automatically refresh your listings on Depop, leading to more sales for your business. Depops seller handbook recommends sending your buyer a private message thanking them for their business and letting them know when you plan to ship, as well as more personal touches like adding a thank you card or small freebie with their package. Set the MIN/MAX value of Waiting Time and Refresh Interval ( or you could just use the default setting ), then click the Turn On button. This Site Tells You Which Companies Will Let You, Hey, Type A: These 13 Detail-Oriented Jobs Are Perfect for You, 11 Ways to Score Free Stuff on Amazon And Not Just From Product Reviews, These 6 Smart Money Moves Can Help Women Claim Their Financial Power, Aluminum Can Prices: Get the Most for Your Recycling, March Class Action Settlements Involve Toyota and Lexus, Apple, Synchrony Bank, A Step-by-Step Guide to Launching Your Own Streetwear Brand, Swap/Trade: Trading items instead of purchasing. Depop is a social shopping app targeted at Gen Z shoppers. Messaging your buyer to confirm shipping, sending proof of postage and letting them know when they can expect the item are all great ways to build relationships on the app. But be sure to use only relevant and accurate hashtags for each item spamming your description with irrelevant hashtags can prevent your listing from showing up in search results. Youll notice a few things right off the bat: Good photos are a must. Its social shopping concept has seen Depop garner a user base of over 15 million registered users in 126 countries. Many marketplace sellers post their listings on multiple platforms such as Poshmark, Tradesy, and Mercari to broaden their market and have a higher chance of selling. Preloved. by Stiletto Socialite | Jan 1, 2021 | Depop, Last Updated on January 7, 2021 by Stiletto Socialite. If you are a new Depop seller, keep in mind that they charge a flat rate of 10% for every item sold. im studying abroad and want to shop on depop while im here, but if i change my location im afraid itll effect who sees my listings (which are all shipped within the US), is there a way to do this without my shop getting messed up? Another tip in ensuring that you upload great photos is by using PhotoRoom to edit the background of your photo. Put the items that get the most attention at the very top of your depop shop; Pick a nice theme for your depop product photos - examples of nice theme ideas for depop includes : Style your models well even if you are selling one item, add in accessories on the model that makes the actual product look nicer. Press J to jump to the feed. Remember only to accept offers you are comfortable with. 1 mo. Depop even penalises users who use irrelevant hashtags. Leaving a positive review will up your chances of getting one in return, too. If youre starting out or do not want to be lazy like me decide up front how you should handle. My second tip is to use a plain backdrop and have fun with it.". Also, take note of the holiday seasons, whether it is Christmas, Halloween, or Black Friday.

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