How will you ensure you leave no trace in your area? The Herstory trading cards would work best as an article as these are facts about someone else. Then prepare your meals while on the trip. As your Junior scouts focus on earning their animal habitat badge, they will need to understand habitats. You may try a snowshoe hike, sledding, ice skating, rock or boulder climbing, indoor rock climbing, a high ropes course, or any other adventure in the snow or climbing that the girls wish to pursue. Mar 30, 2017 - Explore Amy Soddy's board "Juniors Take Action Project", followed by 112 people on Pinterest. Add this poster to a binder for new leaders. Troop Leaders: The instructions for all badge steps are available free of charge in theGirl Scout Volunteer Toolkit. <>stream The next step asks the scouts to learn more about the foods that they eat. Juniors earn their Outdoor Journey by completing their three outdoor badges and then doing a "Take Action Project". With any hiking or camping adventure, your scouts will need some basic first aid. Please do not choose a project from this list for girls to do! Learna special skill that might come in handy at camp: knot tying! Thank you for sharing! With your girl scouts, discover more about space by finding your age if you lived another planet using the Space Sciences Planet Ages website through Girl Scouts. Pairs well with Junior Geocacher Badge, Junior Outdoor Art Explorer Badge, Junior Digital Photographer Badge, Junior Girl Scout Way Badge and Junior Space Science Investigator Badge. 2 Plan it: Prepare a Take Action plan. The Juniors set up five science experiment stations. The Its Your World Change It! (30 min) Take Action Award Ceremony and . Explore an Animal Habitat 30 minutes. Gather friends and family to complete the girls Take Action Project. They'll learn something new and grow their leadership skills. Make a no-trash meal either using one pot or cooking on a stick to meet both the Eco Camper and Camper badge requirements. JUNIOR FAMILY AND FRIENDS CHECKLIST YES, I WANT TO HELP THE JUNIORS SUCCEED. Did your girls love the journey as much as ours? Your girl scouts will learn so much more about their environment and ways to enjoy the outdoors in a safe manner. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc or its affiliates. Trail mix can make an amazing conservation hike snack. Tying in your Take Action Project would work here as well. Throughout this project, they will need to learn to work as a team. Write down each step to accomplish your take action project. Pairs well with Junior Digital Photography Badge and Junior Scribe Badge. So it is especially important to help our Junior Girl Scouts to take steps to set up a campsite that is environmentally friendly. For each Girl Scout journey, leaders have the option to purchase two books: a leaders guide for the specific journey and a girls handbook for the journey. Depending on what your girls want to try on their trip, you can add in a few additional badges when planning. It will take some time to gather enough wood, but this will help to protect the environment. Sometimes, service and action just naturally blend together into one sustainable effort. Junior Girl Scout Leaders can extends their scouts new exploration and leadership skills to the outdoors. Each Girl Scout journey has key takeaways for the girls who complete it. Your scouts will need to work with a partner or small group for this activity. Look at the key or legend to discover landmarks and the scale to determine the length of the hike. These help to contain the fire and keep your scouts safe too. Let the girls make this their own and take turns reading or acting out the story. How are peoplel trying to help the habitat? Projects associated with Journeys and the highest awards (the Girl Scout Bronze, Silver, and Gold Award) are Take Action projects. Some plants and flowers have circular symmetry. 0000007372 00000 n To complete this journey, Juniors should: Earn Animal Habitats badge Earn Camper badge Earn Eco Camper badge. This is perfect for any Take Action Project as you will want to highlight and celebrate the work of your girls. Thanks for sharing! See an amazing flower, discover a unique rock, or spot an interesting animal, take a picture instead of the item. Moxie refers to the energy, pep, courage, determination, know-how, and expertise of a person or team of people. We will present both methods below for Girl Scout Leaders and their troops to choose the best way to meet the Girl Scout Junior Outdoor journey requirements. You are so welcome, Martina. Animals need shelter, but they also need food and water. As your scouts are planning their meals for the camping trip, determine how much water each scout will need. If you plan to complete a drawing, you can pair this with the Junior Drawing Badge. Now that you know the difference, youre ready to go! Create a vision board to share your cookie business goals. Then take some time to clean up the area. Pairs well with Junior Musician Badge. For these take action projects below, we focused on helping others to discover their own individual powers for most of the examples, but did include a few more hands on or physical projects for scouts who need more doing and less planning. Then allow them time to create their trading card. Such a great opportunity to young girls to grow into the leaders they will be one day. What better way than to include photos in the celebration. Finally, end with creating a piece of art, a skit, song, or short story about space. However, our plan does help to meet at least a few requirements of the badges which Girl Scouts suggest pair best with this journey. That sounds like so much fun! Then time how long it takes to walk the distance. Work with your troop to plan your camping adventure. They have the know-how and expertise, either individually or collectively with those they motivate, to push for positive change for their community and world. Opening Activity 15 minutes: What makes a great leader brainstorm. Then measure the length of the string. Let each scout take pictures of the activities throughout the process. They can also combine their strengths with others to inspire even more change for better. Be Careful with Fire have a plan for building a campfire, including keeping the campfire small, using sticks from the ground, and putting out your fire, Respect Wildlife observe from a distance and be sure to clean up all food you bring so wildlife dont learn to depend on humans, Be Kind to Other Visitors use a quiet voice and share the trails with others. Prepare to take action by completing a Journey or, if youve already done one and youre a Girl Scout Junior, Cadette, Senior, or Ambassador, get started on your Bronze, Silver, or Gold Award, respectively. Work with your camping location to strategical place garbage cans and recycling bins to encourage others to use them when they have trash. Depending on your available funds or parents willingness to pay for materials, your troop can decide the best way to use their funds. This can pair well with the Power of One as we keep our Power Log throughout the day or even the blind obstacle course because they girls may feel stress about being blind folded. xref When the contour lines are further apart, the elevation is more flat. 5) Your girls learn about value resources in their community and how communities work together. Then walked through the obstacle course together, describing each section and how you move through the course. The girls should practice editing 3 photos to fix red eyes, change the lighting or filter, or add a special message or stamp to their picture. Your Juniors will need at least 8 glasses of water per day of the trip and probably more since they will be active. Spanish and English Family Names Easy Readers, Spanish and English School Supplies Easy Reader, Dual Language Early Kindergarten Beginning Letter Sound Bundle, Spanish and English Beginning Letter Sound Places in my School, Spanish and English Beginning Letter Sound Position Words. Opening Activity 5 minutes. Your email address will not be published. If you have time, practice making a no-trash meal so that you are prepared for your camping trip. 6) Your girls will take action to benefit their community using their individual powers, team powers, and community powers. As we progressed throughout the journey, we often circled back to the other awards as well. Ask the girl scouts to list as many wild animals near their home as they can. Create a butterfly garden to beautify the campgrounds and provide a safe space for butterflies to rest during their migration. Your troop should decide how they want to celebrate their progress and completion of the journey. This will also cover the final step to share your photos, since you will be sharing them at the celebration! Instead, guide them to brainstorm ideas, get feedback, and come up with a plan. The cooking and leave no trace activities pair well with Eco Camper Junior badge, which will save you time while working on both simultaneously. Explore Endangered Animals 20 minutes. While the Girl Scout Outdoor Journeys build upon the skills learned at the previous level, it is not required to have completed any previous outdoor journey. The girls will write one truth about themselves on the True card, one false piece of information about them on the False card, and one wish they have on the Wish card. Instead, guide them to brainstorm ideas, get feedback, and come up with a plan. Where you prepare food, use the restroom, play, and sleep are all part of your campsite. Explore your surroundings by looking for examples of symmetry, including bilateral symmetry which means the two halves are the same on both sides. This journey asks the scouts to explain 6 main goals while they learn more about camping in the outdoors. Kindling about the diameter of your thumb and the second material to catch fire when building a campfire. Sing a few songs together as you enjoy your special campfire treats and views of the nighttime sky. If your scouts are just as excited as ours, be sure to head over to ourGirl Scout Junior Guide on the Agent of Change Junior Journey and the aMUSE Junior Journey in a Day. Mobilize to motivate a group of people to take action together towards a common goal. Opening Activity 20 minutes. While on your hike, bring along some salt dough. Allow the girls to brainstorm what these words mean to them. Created Date: 10/10/2017 9:44:50 AM . 0000136596 00000 n Take Action project ideas for the Engineering: Think Like an Engineer Journey. The most important part is to allow your girls the opportunity to plan the celebrations throughout the journey or the celebration at the end of the journey. Remember to prepare a snack for your conservation hike and plan to make a no-trash meal. Begin with teaching your girl scouts the steps to take in an emergency such as Check the scene for safety, call 911 or for other help, and Care for the injured person or animal. For Parents & Families. You will need to determine where you will camp, what the girls need to pack, your meals, and your activities for the camping trip. The circumference, in inches, is the approximate age of the tree, in years. The Outdoor journey badges are separate Junior Girl Scout badges but they do overlap in multiple areas. 0000002848 00000 n Support Girl Scouts by donating nationally or to your local council, becoming a lifetime member, and advocating for girls. that raises awareness in an interesting and emotionally triggering way. hb```b`` B@1VX(kXL2szL\^.%. Here at Creatingbutterflies we provide families with practical solutions to real life problems for everything parenting, scouting, dual language, and enjoying time outdoors. The girls can either search for the boxes together or individually. We usually just buy one copy of the badge packet, but you could also buy one per girl in your troop. Your troop can complete the Endangered Animal and Baby Animal Habitats research prior to the Outdoor Junior Journey. Gather friends and family to complete the girls' Take Action Project. The final step is the reflect and celebrate the troops accomplishments. 549 0 obj Juniors plan an overnight camping trip, including items to bring, activities to enjoy, and meals to prepare. As you are camping, have a plan to carry out everything that you bring in. Series includes the Daisy Journey Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden and the Brownie Journey Brownie Quest. What will you need to bring? They care about an action enough to make a difference. The scouts will be able to determine how much uphill and downhill hiking they will do on this trail. We asked the scouts to complete their Power Log prior to our meeting and bring in information about a woman who inspires them. This helps to protect the plants and animals, but also keeps the water sources in the area clean as well. Animals need more than just one tree or burrow to survive. This sounds like a great program, thanks for sharing your insights! Planning Your Camping Adventure 30 minutes. Include items that show different ways you live by the Girl Scout Law and your Girl Scout values to place into your geocache. They will need to measure their own height, the length of their shadow, and the length of the objects shadow to determine the height. This is something they can do on their own or throughout the journey.

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